Tuesday’s Ten (not to be confused with Ten on Tuesday)

Munchesmom has a great couple of lists today for her weekly Tuesday’s Ten post.

Top Ten Favorite Types of Candy

1) Twix (particularly Peanut Butter Twix)

2) Three Musketeers

3) Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

4) Paydays

5) Heath Bars

6) Mars Bars

7) Snickers

8) Hershey Bars with Almonds

9) Milky Way/ Milky Way Dark

10) Mr. Goodbar

Ten of My Favorite Saints

1) St Clare of Assisi (my daughter’s patron and I love that she so earnestly followed St Francis)

2) St Joseph (my son’s patron and my guide to a happy death)

3) St Lucy (patron of my grandmother–maiden name Santa Lucia–‘s family)

4) St Bridget of Sweden (Patroness of Failures…there are some days I can relate to that!)

5) St Helena (Her devotion changed the course of an Empire)

6) St Francis of Assisi (I love that he is the patron of ecology and that we also view him like this HT to The Crescat.)

7) St Raphael (who I know guided the hands of William’s doctors when he was airlifted to Chapel Hill)

8) St Jude (lost causes r us!)

9) St Maximilian Kolbe (again, a happy death and a shepherd of all people)

10) St Patrick (he drove the snakes out of Ireland AND has the best breast plate)



One thought on “Tuesday’s Ten (not to be confused with Ten on Tuesday)

  1. Thanks for participating! I love your lists (even if we don’t agree on all the candy types…LOL!) I forgot all about Mr. Goodbar…those are my favorites from the Hershey’s Miniatures packages.

    Hope all of you are feeling better!

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