NaBloPoMo Prompt for Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What is your favorite part about writing?

Being done. There I said it. In college I majored in creative writing. I loathed writing. But I could do it. Theoretical Mathematics, not so much. Balance chemical equations, that’s a negative ghost rider. But I could write…if I could keep my butt in my seat.

Now I had some wonderful professors and writing instructors who I desperately wanted to please and write wonderful stories for, but I still had trouble. I took classes in poetry, fiction and non-fiction. I wished I could have taken screen writing, but it was a new course my senior year and I was having trouble fitting in all the courses I still had to complete (due to changing from a regular old English major to a Creative Writing one in a new program), it didn’t work out. And now, the thought of a 200 page screen play makes me shudder.

It never ceased to amaze me how much people liked my writing when I thought it was crap and had just “dashed it off” quickly. I only ever had one person attack me in a college writing seminar, and it was on my personal beliefs, not what I had written or how. I was vindicated by the graduate assistant in my class and a couple of very incensed classmates. But I got over it. I had to.

Nowadays I have the life experience I didn’t have then, I have the drive, I have the motivation but 1000 times the distractions and way less time. So, still, my favorite part of writing, is the being done part.