A Truly Terrifying, Frightening Halloween

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I blame it on being Catholic and wanting a happy death. The fact that you get to dress up and there is candy involved isn’t so bad either…

This year, the Herretts decided to take the term “fright night” to epic proportions. At 8:45 on Sunday night I was sitting watching Sunday night football alone when I suddenly had to make a dash to the toilet. And I saw my dinner and dessert again (not as appetizing the second time around). I finally went to lie down around ten and was soon joined in my bed by a four-year-old who could not stop coughing. Then at 1 I heard Will crying incessantly. I prayed for strength as I went down the hall. He had thrown up on his bed. So, the bedding (including Night-Night) and his pjs went into the wash. I made several trips to the bathroom during this time as well. By this time, I knew what was going on: rotovirus. Will was sick once more. I actually threw up again around quarter to five. Luckily Shelby had it last week and was ready and chipper to go to school. Somehow (even today ) Joey has avoided it. I got a call shortly before I walked Shelby to the bus stop. It was Jeff. He had gone to his mom’s house Sunday night and was awoken by the same sickness around 3 am.

I got Shelby on the bus and made an executive decision–well, 3 of them–: we were going to Wal-Mart, we would not be trick-or-treating and we would not be sharing our candy germs with neighbors.  I dressed Will and Joey got himself ready and I prayed hard no one got sick in the store. We left $35 poorer but rich in pedialyte, sprite, ginger ale, pretzels, saltines, and popsicles. Will was bouncing back beautifully, me, not so much. While I didn’t get sick again, all three of us slept most of the day.

We didn’t go trick-or-treating or hand out candy but we did dress up and we did watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (followed by You’re Not Elected Charlie Brown, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and It’s Christmas Time Again, Charlie Brown–because you know Joey wasn’t going to let us watch just one. ) Of course my children will not pose for just one pic so here are a few to enjoy.

Joey, as Spiderman and Will as Elmo.

Does whatever a spider can…

Shelby as Tinkerbell…this was her costume last year and it still (barely) fit!

Happy Halloween! I hope you all had so much fun and have tummies full of candy!