Ten on Tuesday

This week’s questions were provided by Amanda at Amanda Tries.


1. What is the worst compliment you have ever received?
I love your hair (on a day I didn’t brush it)

2. Did you/would you tell everyone the name of your baby before they were born, keep it a secret, or not choose until after they were born?
With Shelby no. We didn’t know the sex so we kept the name a secret as well. With Joey, we didn’t have a name until after he was born. With Will, his name was the other finalist with Joey, and we kept it.

3. What is your favorite candle smell?
Sugar Plums

4. What is the best birthday/Christmas gift you received when you were pregnant or the best birthday/Christmas gift you gave a pregnant person that was really appreciated?
Jeff gave me a ton of children’s books when I was pregnant with Shelby. Goes down as the sweetest thing ever.

5. Who was your favorite teacher?
It’s a tie between Mary Propes (11th Grade US History, 12th grade Philosophy and Ethics) and Vera Holshouser (11th grade English). I had them both for an AP class and passed both AP exams but they were both great teachers aside from that. A lot of other great ones but they were my faves.

6. What is the best game/activity you have ever played at a baby shower?
I hate all baby shower games.

7. What was your major in college and did you end up using it in your career?
Creative Writing. I got my Bachelor of  Fine Arts in it. And I’m blogging now, right, that counts.

8. What is a beauty product you swear by?
Moisturizer with sun screen

9. What is the kindest thing a stranger has ever done for you?
I’ve had lots of wonderful things done for me. The kindest a stranger has done would have to have been when Shelby was a baby and it was pouring down rain at the grocery store when we were leaving. As I approached my car, a woman and her two teenage sons ran up to help. She took my cart back while one of her boys loaded up my trunk and the other held an umbrella over me and Shelby while I got her in the car seat. I tried to offer the boys some cash and they politely refused. When I thanked all three, the mother told me, “We can’t do it all alone, that’s why God gave us each other.”

10. If you could recommend one new baby necessity, what would it be?
Two things…a boppy if you are breastfeeding (although Jeff used it to give the kids bottles of breast milk too), saved me my back. I loved it. And swaddling blankets. My kids loved to be swaddled but could get out of anything except the swaddlers. They were awesome.

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