Honeymoon Bliss

Jeff and I were married in March of 2003. We were both unable to take more than a week off from work and quickly figured out our dream honeymoon destination: Ireland, was not a cheap place to travel to in March. Something about a national saint’s feast day making tourism spiral out of control that month on the Emerald Isle…

I worked for a hotel at the time where I got discounts when I stayed with their brand. We ended up going to NYC and staying at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Times Square for 49.00 a night and then spent the last night on the Outer Banks of NC at a Holiday Inn Express for less than that.

Why NYC? Quite simply because we love it. And the first night of our honeymoon what did we do? The most romantic thing I could ever think of…we went to Madison Square Garden for a NY Rangers home game. And there is no sarcasm in that statement. I live, breathe and die a Yankees and NY Rangers fan. And hockey is my sport of choice. Our other big planned plans were almost scrapped though. We had pre-bought tickets for the Wednesday matinee of Movin’ Out which was the Twyla Tharp created musical set to the music of Billy Joel. We almost lost out on that because there was a musicians strike on Broadway. Let me tell you, it is downright eerie to be on the Great White Way and not see a single marquee lit up. However, Tuesday morning, the strike was ended and Mayor Bloomberg was on television letting the world know. Also during that week we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit. And in addtion to Movin’ Out we also went to the cheap tickets booth in Times Square and got tickets to see the late Frank Gorshin as the legendary George Burns in Say Goodnight Gracie.

We also shopped at Macy’s after a waiter at the Ben Ash Deli gave us a tip they were having a great sale and Bloomingdales. We went to Central Park and had a chilly walk around the park. We also ate at some amazing restaurants, including a memorable dinner atop the Marriott Marquis in their rotating restaurant when it started snowing! And we also made a trip to Ground Zero and to the St James Chapel which has been converted to a mini-museum.

The last night of our honeymoon we went to the Outer Banks and took the ferry to Ocracoke for a wonderful dinner.

I was informed last weekend from a very close friend (more on in a later post, stay tuned…) that we did not get a “real” honeymoon and then went on to tell us that we have an open invitation for a week of our choosing at a house in Honolulu. All we have to pay is air fare, meals and incidentals…I do consider our honeymoon real. And we are planning a return to NYC soon, but Hawaii ain’t bad either!

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3 thoughts on “Honeymoon Bliss

  1. What a wonderful honeymoon!!! I really enjoyed Movin’ Out too. We saw it the November after 9/11 and I still remember, after the show was over, they gave an encore of New York State of Mind. I think everyone cried. I’m a native NYer, but I’m afraid I can’t stand the Yankees. LOL (I actually would be indifferent to them if it wasn’t for their salaries.) Love the Plaza and the Marriott Marquee though – so beautiful!

  2. Oh, I’ve never been to NY (and we live in NC and haven’t been to the Outer Banks either!). Both places sound wonderful! And that sounds like a real honeymoon to me! I would have been so sad to have to miss the show because of a strike – definitely something you can’t plan on when you go on a vacation. Glat it worked out so wonderfully for you.

    • We live in NC too and 20 minutes from the beach so people kept asking me, why would you go to the Outer Banks??? Because we love it there and the beach is different in different parts of the NC coast!

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