Small Successes


1) As I shared yesterday (and I was thankful for the way things turned out) I survived 4 1/2 hours with both boys at the mechanic getting my car fixed. The mechanic to worked on my car has three children himself and has boys who are 6 and 4 and told me I was an awesome mom that his boys would have “burned this place down” after an hour and he was very impressed how well behaved mine were. And here I was disappointed in their behavior and contemplating potential punishments. Instead they got McDonald’s for lunch.

2) I have gotten Shelby on the bus every day this week despite my awful head cold that even saline drops and a neti-pot aren’t helping do anything to :(.

3) I impressed my boys by hanging a spoon from my nose and another one from my chin…they are tough critics and they couldn’t believe mom could do something so cool.

4)Despite being sick all week, my house doesn’t look like Hurricane Irene came back for seconds…I credit that to luck more than success, but I’ll take it.

5) We doubled our goal amount in donations for the Autism Society of NCs walk on Saturday. YEAH!!!


This Week I’ll

1) Walk in the 5K for autism  no matter how bad I feel and then enjoy the wonderful company of friends and family.

2) Get back on track with the 100 workout cold or no.

3) Work on an upcoming guest post that I can’t wait to put out there for The Alluring World.


Please visit Sherry over at Chocolate for your Brain  and share your Small Successes (and big ones too!).


One thought on “Small Successes

  1. Giggling at #3! I love when I go outside of my comfort zone & show the munchkins that I actually can be funny at time!

    Praying your 5K is successful & that you’re feeling better soon.

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