Small Successes

1) Well, our plans last weekend for Joey’s birthday fell through. Football game cancelled due to weather and subsequent party cancelled due to Jeff’s mom being in the hospital but did I get upset, no I did not. We combined his birthday and Bella’s Christening with my family and Jeff’s dad and step-mom came over and took me and the kids out for another mini-celebration. Did Joey mind, no he did not…he thinks EVERYDAY is his birthday!

2) I am leaping to a new and wonderful opportunity to babysit my neighbor’s little guy for a few weeks in October. He’s a great baby, he’s already used to 3 older brothers so my three kids will be no problem for him and I’m helping a fellow mom while her husband is out of town for work. WIN–all the way around!

3) I did surprisingly well with the changes to facebook. In fact, I was almost blase about it. Learning to decide what to freak out about in life is very cathartic!

4) I handled some surprising news from Shelby’s school very well, for me. I also did not jump on a bandwagon or to conclusions and I waited until all the facts were in before I made my judgment. Whew, saved myself a lot of upset that way!

5) I managed to cook for dinner every day for a week. No frozen pizza or take out. I was on point…but I advised my family not to expect that every week!

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3 thoughts on “Small Successes

  1. Choosing to not get upset…WAY TO GO! I’m much calmer than I used to be, since I’ve decided to choose my battles. Some are definitely worth fighting, but many are not. I just ask myself if it will matter in two weeks, a month, a year…& most times I know it won’t, so it’s not worth getting upset over.

  2. Way to go on choosing your freak outs! It does make life so much better I’m learning šŸ˜‰ And awesome dinner making week. Feels so good being on top of dinners, doesn’t it? But take out still has it’s place too šŸ™‚

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