Ten for Tuesday

Week 99 of Ten on Tuesday, wowza! This week’s questions were provided by Melissa at I’m Living in a Dream. Go visit her and thank her for the questions. Also, a reminder that Chelsea at Roots and Rings will be doing a giveaway on next week. If you’ve linked up between week 90-100, you’re entered. She’ll draw a name next Wednesday.

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1. What is your dream vacation?
Pretty much anywhere with my husband but we’d love to go back to NYC…where we had our honeymoon.
2. What has been your favorite trip so far in your life?
Valentines Day 2010 we went to Morehead City and it snowed (my first ever Valentines snow) on the beach. My parents kept the kids. We had a great time.
3. If you and one of your best friends could go anywhere in the world for one week, where would it be and why?
All expenses paid? Jeff would get to decide. Probably somewhere in Europe and my guess would be Finland or Poland.
4. Have you ever booked a trip using an online deal? How did it go?
Just a two day trip (technically one but whose counting) to Colorado for a job interview. He got the job but turned it down because of lack of opportunities for our kids.
5. What’s your favorite thing to do while you’re on vacation?
Nothing. I LOVE to do nothing. (that was Chelsea’s answer and I’ll add and enthusiastic “Me too!”)
6. Have you ever missed an opportunity to take a trip that you regret?
Not that I can recall.
7. You travel far away from home and get stranded with no way to buy anything, what’s the one thing you can’t live without?
I’m going for bare necessity and saying Tampax (sorry if that’s TMI, but it’s gotta happen)
8. What’s one of your favorite traveling memories?
Going with Jeff and Shelby to the Bogue Inlet Pier at night.
9. All included resort or backpacking? Why?
I like both. Although my dream vacation is do nothing…I have to say active ones are fun for me too
10. Are you more of a lie on the beach kind of person on vacation, or do you prefer to see the sights?
Even though I’m in the “do nothing crowd” I would hate to go some place like Rome and not see the Spanish steps or Vatican City, so I’m divided on this one.

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  1. We’re the exact opposite – I have to be doing something on vacation and my husband is worse! He can’t even go one day doing nothing! Love the tampax though- good thinking!

    Hopping over from the party!

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