Seven Quick Takes Friday

1) Shelby’s school wears uniforms. I, personally, love it. For one, it takes the guess work completely out of dressing her every day and knowing what is or is not allowed for dress code. On top of that, uniforms purchased at Big Box Mart are a lot cheaper than most other clothes. And she looks absolutely adorable in them.  I am pro-school  uniforms all through k-12. But one of the strangest arguments that I hear from parents is that their child should not wear a uniform because of the child’s need to “express him/herself.” Really? What message, exactly are we sending our children by saying that the best way for them to express themselves is via clothing? First of all, are very young children truly expressing themselves? To be honest, I’m the one buying the clothes so aren’t my kids just expressing my tastes (or my lack of funds as it may be). And aren’t we just telling older pre-teens and teenagers that labels matter and that outer appearance is the most defining way for one to be judged? That, quite frankly, one’s brain power and ability express themselves verbally or through mediums like art or music are nothing compared to the way they look? And won’t that dumb them down, because if all I have to do is dress a certain way, am I really going to try express myself in other, more unique ways? And let’s be completely honest here…gangs express themselves via dress, so do we really want to encourage that? School is a place to learn. Your kid wants to “express him/herself” do it on your own time. Upset because you feel it’s too expensive to purchase “school clothes” and “other clothes?” Well, if you have a teenager, there is nothing wrong with them getting a job and paying for their “other clothes.” I think this whole school uniform debate boils down to the same thing as most things with public schools…kids reflect their parents. Parents need to be the ones to step in and enforce but because the majority fail to do so, the schools are stepping in and being forced to teach things like values, morals and even how to dress properly. And the reason it’s not effective is that those things should always be taught by parents.

2) Now that my uniform manifesto is over…I seriously need to rent myself out as a mosquito magnet. I’d be the Bill Gates of the outdoor barbecue world. And I wouldn’t have to work year round to support our family…one could dream right? (And I despise mosquitos and their bites, but do they ever love me!)

3) I have to say, as nervous as I was about The Office last night…I was pleasantly surprised. I wanted Darryl to  be the manager, but Andy is cut from the same cloth as Michael Scott and I think, after seeing the episode, that it was a genius move. I always found Andy’s character to be annoying and lacking any kind of depth, but the writers really improved on him since making him manager. I also despised James Spader in the finale last year, but was pleasantly surprised to see Robert California as a good CEO. (And an interesting fit to replace Kathy Bates who has her own show on NBC now). I really think it would be funny too if Pam and Jim did name their new baby boy Michael Scott. Oh well, one can dream, right?

4) This week was Joey’s birthday. Well, Wednesday was, but don’t tell him that, he seems to believe every day is his birthday now. And on a related note, I believe it is possible to go one year younger vs older on your birthday. My proof, is this: Joey turned four on Wednesday. On Thursday, he exhibited perfect two-year-old behavior. Constant melt-downs,  screaming when he didn’t get his way, not sharing…so I believe he may have gone from three back to two instead of up to four!

5) Seriously, stop what you are doing right now (reading my blog) and read this.

6) We had big plans to go to Jeff’s alma mater (for high school…the college we both attended doesn’t have football) for homecoming tonight. The rain we so desparately needed all summer has shown up this week. So, we may not go after all. But we’ll see, no decision being made until I would have to leave!

7) Yesterday started the Novena of St Therese, the Little Flower. If you missed starting it yesterday start with day one this morning and day two this evening (can you tell I have issues with remembering to pray every day of a novena!). Jessica over at Shower of Roses has printable prayer cards and is posting the Novena daily on her blog!





3 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes Friday

  1. I went to Catholic school and wore uniforms from 1st through 8th grade. And despite the fact that we wore uniforms, some of the girls from more affluent families still made their money felt. They did it by wearing brand name white shirts with logos (seriously!) and brand name shoes and carrying brand name purses. They wore trendy jewelry and makeup and made the rest of us feel terrible about not having all those things. It’s sad that even in a Catholic school there were haves and have nots. Uniforms are no panacea but they at least mitigate some of the worst excesses. And had our school more tightly controlled things like forbidding logos and saying no jewelry, things might have been even better.

    Anyway, I’m pro uniform. They definitely made my mom’s life easier and mine too. I liked not having to think about what to wear. (Though I won’t go as far as some homeschoolers I’ve heard of who wear uniforms while they do school. To me that seems silly.) It did, however take me until college before I’d wear the color green or any kind of plaid skirts, though.

    • Our public school does ban the logos and is actually pretty tight on jewelry. I couldn’t believe it. I don’t think it cures all either but does make life so much easier. If I end up homeschooling the boys (and I really would love to but we are still discerning it) there will be no uniforms unless they request it. My four-year-old does things like that. And his little brother copies his every move. So, we’ll see! Loved Bella’s idea for the art project. And she is such a sweetheart to donate her talents to people who would appreciate them!

  2. Hi Kristen! I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award. You don’t have to do anything to accept this award. Period.

    If you have not won the award before, you might consider doing one or all of the following three things: 1) Link back in your blog to my blog; 2) Nominate other blogs, as many or as few as you like, for the award and let them know about it, or 3) in a post of your choosing, list seven interesting facts about yourself.

    If you are winning this award from me, but don’t recall checking out my blog, please feel free to do so.

    If you don’t feel like doing any of this, that’s okay too; you still deserve the award.

    Here is what I am writing about your blog on my post tomorrow:
    Kristen is a Catholic mother raising 3 young children, one of whom has been diagnosed with an autism disorder. I am not sure where on the autism spectrum her daughter falls. Her blog posts are about her family, about the things she is grateful for, and she taught me about a word I didn’t know – “meme.”

    Have a good evening!


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