Small Successes

1) I have survived thus far in Shelby’s school year. Even with homework…(it’s basically me reading to her, but Joey and Will seem to enjoy making it a complicated endeavor).

2) I have now survived five weeks of Jeff in school as well including the day Shelby had off for a hurricane and Jeff didn’t…fun, fun.

3) I have survived as many weeks of working weekends. Even if it wasn’t a whole weekend, going back after being out is pressure!

4) Laundry and dishes are caught up…don’t blink, you might miss it.

5) I am back on schedule with reading…enjoying Jane Austen right now!

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4 thoughts on “Small Successes

  1. Okay! Which Austen book? Love her!

    And separate schedules with half and half closings/non, what a pain! My sympathies. Congrats on a great week and see you next Thursday I hope!

    • I just finished Pride and Prejudice which I had never read before (for shame!). I am re-reading Sense and Sensibility now and picked up Emma and Mansfield Park at the library. I also dug out a copy from college of Northanger Abbey which I know I read because I wrote a paper on it but do not remember at all!

  2. Love Love Love Love Emma. Hated Mansfield Park but that may have been because I read it after Emma. Except I know Mansfield Park wasn’t what Austen is capable of doing.

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