Yarn Along

Joining Ginny over at Small Things today for Yarn Along

First, my current reading obsession: Jane Austen. I just finished Pride and Prejudice, which shamefully I had never read before, and moved on to Sense and Sensibility which I read Senior Year of  High school. I also checked out Emma and Mansfield Park from the library and will finish up by ready Northanger Abbey and Other Works…(I read the last in college but I have no recollection of it).

For Jeff’s brithday, his mom gave him a subscription to Our State magazine. It’s a magazine dedicated to NC. I LOVE this magazine. I have found so many fun places to visit and the photography is always amazing. This cover shot looks like Ginny could have shot it herself (I am a  proud owner of one of her prints on a card that she so graciously added to my package when I won a give away, I can’t bear to part with it it’s that good!).