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Shelby and her surfer just relaxing on the ocean. While it looks calm, it was really quite active with all the waves that day! They are in the background, there is another surfer in the foreground. Probably one of my favorite shots because everyone was so relaxed. Shelby was resting against his legs just loving the feel of the ocean underneath her.

Also the double rainbow that chased Shelby and I home on a walk after a sunshower last week.


The happiest little girl in the world at that moment, happy mama taking the pictures and happy surfer…happy all around.

Two little boys thrilled to be allowed to play in puddles in the middle of the street. Their father’s idea. Not mine.


This is what happened when a certain three-year-old in my house found my camera. One of my friends commented on facebook it could be a new art form! I found it when I uploaded my Surfers Healing pics.


Surfers have kids too. Kids who come and ask them questions when they are in the middle of something. Just like mine do (very refreshing to know mine aren’t the only ones who do that!)


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  1. FUN! Lol…I want to get Isaiah a cheap digital camera for his birthday. I love seeing what little kids take pics of.

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