Yes, Kahuna, Surfing IS a team sport

Surfing is viewed as a sport of ultimate ego. One surfer, one board, one wave. One. Me. I. Watch your average contest on ESPN2. You’d walk away believing it.


On Monday, you would have seen something very different in Wrightsville Beach. There was one surfer, one board, one wave. But there were also children. Over 150 children. They worked with their surfers to ride the waves. The surfers worked with each other. And then there were the volunteers. Oh the volunteers. Wrestling kids into life jackets (many against their wills). Checking families in. Feeding the surfers, the families, everyone. Walking the kids out into the ocean. One ran into the ocean to catch my child. And the parents. The parents who had to take a step back and see what could happen. Who clapped each and every time a child stood on a board. Who for one day allowed themselves to relax and enjoy the unknown.

Shelby with one of her teachers from last year, Miss Liz, who volunteered and another volunteer teaching her to “hang loose.”

A volunteer taking Shelby into the water to her surfer.

Shelby, her surfer, and a volunteer getting her on the board.

Paddling out

Riding the wave

An awesome day…thanks to the team


Surfing would NOT have happened at all that day if not for the team. All of those pieces were needed to complete the puzzle of how this was going to work. Autism is puzzling…surfing, with a team, not so much. Even the ocean had to cooperate—and it did. It was a day to remember. A day to cherish. A day to acknowledge to the Hawaiian god of sun, surf and sand: Yes, Kahuna, Surfing IS a team sport.

2 thoughts on “Yes, Kahuna, Surfing IS a team sport

  1. Love your feelings and story about Surfers Healing 🙂 We too, LOVE Surfers Healing and this was our 2nd year with them. The change in my son was absolutely AMAZING! He loved it last year, but his connectedness with his surfer from not only this year, but his surfer from last year, and yes, the big man himself, Izzy was spine-tingling.

    So glad to hear your daughter had a wonderful experience!!!

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