Seven Quick Takes Friday

1) I woke up this morning with a literal pain in my neck. I hate that!

2) It rained last night which is good news as we are in a severe drought stricken area. Other good news, it appears TS Emily will miss us completely.

3) I am wondering why my youngest child is still in bed asleep, this has to be a record of some sort.

4) Ah, there he is.

5) My BFF (and Will’s Godmother) got engaged last week while we were on vacation. The text I got said, “He asked, and I said YES!” I am beyond excited for both of them. Congratulations Gina and Johnny!

6) Jeff cuts off his shirt sleeves on his work shirts (he is picking up summer work as a landscaper) and claims it keeps him cooler and makes him sweat less. Uh, not according to anyone down wind of him!

7) On our vacation last week we finally stopped at a nursery/local farm stand on the way that we have talked about visiting for the past four years. We were not disappointed. Delicious corn on the cob, tomatoes, okra and melons! YUM. We have a new favorite!

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2 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes Friday

  1. We got Red Haven peaches yesterday at a peach farm…Heavenly!

    We’re hurting for rain, even though we got two days of off and on sprinkles last week, which is more than many areas around us. I’ve been pretty good @ watering this summer, enough to keep things alive, but my youngest tree is now starting to drop leaves. I gave it an hour’s worth of water on Tuesday night, so I’m not sure I can justify another dump yet!

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