Seven Quick Take Fridays

1) First off, Kate Wicker‘s new book Weightless has just come out recently and I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy! Congrats Kate, you have a book published AND are having a baby in the same year, I think you earned a year off :). If you are a woman, love a woman, have a daughter, a sister or are friends with a woman, this is an outstanding book…for both and/or all of you!

2)Secondly, Sarah Reinhard’s book Welcome Baby Jesus! is now available via I am going to order a copy shortly for family reflections for Advent and Christmas.

3) And for my last good Catholic mom/book news: Lisa Hendey‘s new book A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms: 52 Companions for your Heart, Mind, Body and Soul, is available for pre-order on Amazon. Why wouldn’t you want to pre-order this for the mom, grandma or mom-to-be?

4) In non-book news but Catholic Mom news…Simcha Fisher is NOT writing a book :(. But, along with at least one NCR commenter, I believe that by combining her posts from the new and old versions of her blog, her NCR posts and her posts at what was once Inside Catholic and is now Crisis Magazine online…I think we have one gem of a book I would LOVE to read. (Oh and read the link on that post, it is worth it if only to learn about Mark Shea’s blogging beard!)

5) Because, you know, I guess this has turned into a blogging Catholic Mom’s post, I will ask you to read about Rachel Balducci’s relationship with caffeine and coffee. Total smile-a-thon.

6) And in other Faith and Family Live! news. They celebrated their 100th podcast this week! WIN!

7) And finally, in related news, Catholic dad and former band front man Dan Lord (aka Mr. Beguiles, wife of the beloved Betty Beguiles) blogs today about God and being a band front man. This is going to be some kind of blog series, so stay tuned!

My final shameless plug for today is that you will come on over to Conversion Diary and read more from the beautiful, smart, and talented Mrs Jennifer Fulwiler (who also links to Dan’s article and has a youtube video of his band!).Ā 


5 thoughts on “Seven Quick Take Fridays

    • One can at least hope…lots of ideas percolating, finding time to get them all down, not so much happening these days…BUT in a few short weeks, Shelby starts kindergarten and I will have a lot more time to maybe start organizing and actually writing!

  1. #7 sounds interesting! (Says the once-upon-a-time music major who has a soft spot for all contmeporary music, art and pop.)

  2. I can’t thank you enough for your encouraging shout out for me as well as for so many of my online Catholic friends. It is indeed a very fruitful, exciting time for me – and how wonderful that my most important “work in progress” is continuing to stay hidden away until he or she is ready and healthy to make his/her debut.

    Keep those ideas percolating! šŸ™‚

    God bless you!

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