A Thankful Woman’s Book of Blessings

1) I am thankful for blessedly, unseasonably, mild weather. It is gone today, but it’s been wonderful for the last four-five days. Actually being able to allow my children to play outside has been a wonderful blessing.

2) I am thankful for swimming pools on days when the sun is super-hot and there is no breeze.

3) I am continually thankful for my wonderful husband. I’ve seen this week that not all husbands are created equal (and neither are all wives, for that matter) and I feel exceptionally blessed to have one who does live up to the hype in every way.

4) I am thankful I have my life and not anyone else’s. Sometimes it is very hard for us to see the lives of others around us. This week I got a terrifyingly large look into two different families’ lives and it was eye-opening. It’s like that saying that if we took all our troubles and put them in a pile and saw everyone else’s we would grab ours back.

5) I am thankful for all the little things in life like turning the pillow over to get the cold side. Small, but can turn a bad day right around.

Please join Judy for  A Thankfulf Woman’s Book of Blessings!


5 thoughts on “A Thankful Woman’s Book of Blessings

  1. I LOVE your list this week! #5 brought a smile to my face…isn’t it wonderful how a little thing like flipping a pillow can bring such comfort & joy?

    #4 is SOOOO true! No matter how bad things may seem to be for me at times, I’ve always thought of others who have it even worse. God never gives us more than we can handle!

  2. I just love your list!! Including #5!! Ahhhh, the little things. And I feel the same way about my hubby. We are blessed!

  3. I LOVE #5…but didn’t think anyone else noticed that! WOW!
    I love your whole list…thanks for inspiring us to find JOY in the simplest of things!
    I never heard that saying…but I sure believe it to be true!
    YAY for awesome husbands!
    And thanks for joining us Kristen:)

  4. I have often thought how blessed we are to have a Savior who understands what a joy it can be simply to rest and sleep!

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