Taking it Too Far

Did you stand up and cheer when Mila Kunis accepted the invitation from a Marine to his Marine Ball? I will admit I did.

But I got uneasy when a female Marine asked Kunis’ co-star in their upcoming movie Friends With Benefits, Justin Timberlake.

And then, a third Marine made a ploy for a star. Betty White. While Mr. Timberlake and Miss Kunis both accepted, Ms White graciously declined, citing previous work commitments.

Let the Betty White bashing commence. Doesn’t she know it’s her patriotic duty to attend this Marine’s ball with him? Hasn’t she gotten the memo, if you say no to anyone in uniform, you might be tried for treason in the court of public opinion?

The original ploy to Mila Kunis (who, in case you’re wondering, is Ukrainian born) was done in a bet between Marines. Are the subsequent Marines serious in their endeavors? Are they seeking their 15 minutes of fame? And why are we in such a bind over celebrities accepting Marine Ball invites? Is their support of the military more important than that of the average American? And why these Marines? Are they more important than any of the roughly 20,000 other active duty Marines?

Ms White is 89 years old. She is busy working and making a living and a life, which is a lot more than the majority of 89-year-olds could say. For people to berate her for turning down a Marine is unconscienable. Clearly, she is at a point in her life where jetting off and betraying work commitments is not part of her lifestyle. Not to mention the jobs of several people depend on her working.

Enough is enough already. It’s like a bad joke that’s been taken too far at this point. No one attending a Marine Ball has any more patriotism than someone not even asked. I know many single young women who would have accepted either of the male Marine’s invites and some men confident enough in themselves to have accepted the female Marine’s invite.  And I wouldn’t accept an invite on the grounds that I am married, would that make me less of an American? Less patriotic? Unsupportive of our military? I beg to differ.

It’s sweet of Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis to accept the invitations to the Marine Ball, but the Ball is supposed to celebrate the birthday of the United States Marine Corps and, unfortunately, their attendance will detract from that. It will become about the paparazzi getting shots of the famous and very little attention will be paid to the Marines themselves or the Marine Corps itself. Do these shenanigans make these young members of Hollywood look like better Americans? or Is it all a strategic career move?

Supporting our military means much more than attending one dress-up military function. It means daily defending them against detractors and contacting our elected officials to ensure that the military get what they need. It means helping organizations designed to assist our military members and thanking them in person when we see them. Let’s get real folks and concentrate on the things that matter. And not on Hollywood silliness. Semper Fi, y’all.