Small Successes


1) I got Shelby to speech therapy with both boys in tow and kept them occupied for the full 30 minutes with no one (including Mommy) having a melt-down!

2) I remembered both Jeff’s step-mother’s birthday and his older brother’s so they are actually going to get their birthday cards a) at all and b) by their birthdays!

3) I cleaned my bathroom. I do it most weeks, but this week I felt very successful at it for some reason!

4) I’ve come up with three meals this week using all stuff we already had on hand…and they weren’t our usual meals either!

5) I completed this list which feels like an uber-success this week!

Join Sherry for Small Successes.

It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that.~Danielle Bean


6 thoughts on “Small Successes

    • Lynnette, I would love to send them e-cards…unfortunately my brother-in-law doesn’t have a computer! Neither does my mother-in-law. My step-mother-in-law does but she won’t open anything like that because she uses her computer for work and is terrified of downloading a virus, even after virus scan 🙂

  1. The bathrooms…ugh! Why is it the places that need cleaning the most are the ones that are the worst to clean?

    And #1 can be so tough w/ kids in tow. With four munchkins, it seems there’s always some type of doctors’ appt. & I always dread lugging all the kids, but it’s hard to find a sitter for every time. I try to reserve a sitter for the more detailed appts. Thankfully most of our doctors are understanding!

  2. A wonderful week indeed! I know that getting John to his speech playgroup and keeping Nathan occupied is more than a task – so I can’t imagine adding another child to the mix. Great job! And isn’t it refreshing to whip something new up with what you have on hand? I love it! We use our “go-to” meals waaaay to often (pitiful considering how much I love to cook!)

  3. I know just what you mean about the bathroom – sometimes it’s just so much more of an accomplishment for one reason or another. And yay for birthday cards! I have a terrible time with that currently, largely because the mail here takes so long that I can’t get my act together early enough.

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