A Thankful Woman’s Book of Blessings

1) Today I am thankful for Surfer’s Healing. For so many people the word “autism” brings to mind nothing but closed doors and missed opportunities. Shelby will have many opportunities because of the many organizations and wonderful people who have made it so. Surfer’s Healing is giving her the opportunity to surf this August and our little fish/mermaid/surfer girl, will have an experience like no other. Thank you, thank you to all the wonderful people behind this venture. Words can not express our gratitude fully.

2) Today I am thankful for our country. I found out years ago that in places like Saudi Arabia, churches are not allowed (you can worship privately in your home). I am so thankful to live in a place where I am free to worship wherever I am. I am thankful for the ability to live my faith in peace.

3) Today I am thankful for the men and women who make the sacrifices necessary for our country to remain a free place to protest and worship, to assemble and speak our minds and to read from a free press. My brother is one of them.

4) Today I am thankful for friends who make me laugh no matter what the physical distance or distance of time between us. It makes it a lot easier to get out of bed in the morning knowing there are friends who love life as much as I do.

5) Finally, today I am thankful for my daughter. My Shelby Clare. Five years ago today you came into our lives and made them better every day since. Happy Birthday big girl. We love you!

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