Seven Quick Takes Friday

1) So, summer is finally here which means that Jeff is home full time and we’ve had our first beach trip (living 20 minutes from it has its advantages). Joey has decided not to be afraid of the water this summer and has enjoyed it along with Shelby, of course. William is our dare devil.

2) Shelby and Joey started swim lessons at the YWCA this week. They are both taking private lessons. Shelby is having adaptive lessons where she is mostly learning survival strokes. Both of them have the same instructor who has really enjoyed them thus far. And they both appear to be making progress!

3) William had his first “date” with Mama solo during swim lessons today. He was crushed not to get to go but thrilled when he learned that he would get to color with markers.

4) I’m writing this at 9:55pm on Thursday and thank you God it is raining for the first time in 4 weeks.

5) I love Parks and Rec especially the character of Ron Swanson :).

6) Since we gave up satellite a few months ago, I have been discovering the fun of 2 special PBS stations (in addition to the original) and that THIS tv plays Inspector Gadget in the mornings. I have happy go-go-Gadget memories as a kid. Fun to share that with my kids.

7) Sometimes I really wonder what algorithm Pandora uses with its free service. I have some strange selections pop up on a few of my stations quite a bit lately!

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3 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes Friday

  1. Which beach do you like to go to? We were lucky enough to get rain last night and the day before also (we are in central Alabama) and we are very grateful for it. We went to the beach last week for a few days, but it is a much farther drive for us, about four hours, so when we go, we have to go for more than just one day and it is like mounting an arctic expedition! And we only have one nine year old. I can’t imagine how you do it with three children, even if your beach is just twenty minutes away.


    • We are in southeastern NC. Most commonly the beaches we go to are Wrightsville Beach and Oak lsland but we spend a week minimum every summer at Emerald Isle which is on NC’s Crystal Coast which is the southern-most part of NC’s Outer Banks. We love all our beaches here though! And the Crystal Coast area is where they just brought up the anchor from Blackbeard’s flag ship the Queen Anne’s Revenge so we hope we will get to see some stuff related to that this summer with the kids!

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