Movie Mondays

For this Monday we picked a Disney animated film that, sadly, hasn’t gotten enough attention. The Great Mouse Detective (1986) is the story of Basil of Baker Street, a mouse who is a world class detective. It comes from the Basil of Baker Street books by Eve Titus which is loosely based off of the Sherlock Holmes tradition.

Basil is employed by a young Scottish mouse, Olivia Flavisham, whose father was kidnapped by the evil rat Professor Ratigan. They are joined by Dr. Dawson, who found Olivia looking for Basil. They encounter a variety of adventures and some danger before exposing Professor Ratigan’s evil plan and locating Olivia’s father. I’m glossing over a lot of details here because this film is still out of the Disney “vault” and available at big box stores and I want you all to let your kids see it.

It’s fun and a bit different as it is British. My kids had no trouble following the plot and although there was some “danger” were not scared or upset at all. A word of caution, anyone who has a child who dislikes mice being eaten by cats, there is a little bit of that, although not graphic at all.


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