Movie Mondays

This Monday we are reviewing a movie that is much more recent than the previous two but I think doesn’t get its due in the Mommy blogosphere. Bee Movie is a movie Jerry Seinfeld voices the main character of and brought to the table at Dreamworks after being inspired by his own kids. Seinfeld said the appeal of using a “bee” is that bees live in a utopia of sorts. Everyone has a job. Everyone loves it. Except, of course, his character, Barry B. Benson.


Barry feels limited by the world he lives in and his choices in it, much to the chagrin of his best friend Adam (voiced by Matthew Broderick) and his parents. Barry adventures out with the “pollen jocks” and begins to bend the “bee rules.” Including starting a friendship with a human florist named Vanessa (Renee Zellweger) and suing the human race for stealing honey. The results end up to be not what he expected at all and in the end he comes to understand why they have been doing things “the bee way” for so long.


Without being preachy, the film also illustrates how nature and humanity balance each other out and while Barry is still not fully embracing “the bee way” he has found his own bee way that mixes the two worlds he loves so much.


The film also features the voice talents of Larry King, Kathy Bates, Patrick Warburton and John Goodman. It provides many humorous moments for adults as well as kids. The fact that my son who is scared to death of bees considers it his favorite movie I hope will rest the mind of parents whose children are afraid of bees. I would still take into consideration how much your children understand about make believe and reality, but I’m willing to bet most children will enjoy it. There is a scene in which John Goodman’s character is stung but as Joey says, “He was a big meanie and was asking for it.” So come on and check out Bee Movie, if you haven’t already!