Small Successes

1) I have managed to cook a home-cooked meal five out seven nights. Now, my kids don’t eat out normally, but dinner is most commonly fish sticks, chicken nuggets etc so actual cooking is a real change.

2) I took the ladder out and cleaned our living room ceiling fan’s blades. That was a disgusting thankless chore no one will notice, but it made me happy.

3) When God presented me with answers to some problems this week, I swallowed my pride and accepted them. I struggle with that…a lot!

It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that.~Danielle Bean

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9 thoughts on “Small Successes

  1. I live in fear of discovering what lurks above those fans….darn, now I have to go clean. But it sounds like a great week!

    • Haha Sherry, I had to untangle a balloon that went up there which is why I had a ladder out. It’s so tall (this particular fan) that I can’t reach it just standing on a chair, I require a full ladder. Which is probably why it was so nasty. And I think the last time I did it, I was nesting with Shelby, five years ago…and my husband came in and saw me on a ladder eight 1/2 months pregnant and nearly had a heart attack!

      • Kristen, that’s funny! The last time our ceiling fan was cleaned was when I was pregnant with my youngest (who is only 10 months old, so less than a year!). I wanted it done but was afraid I’d fall. My balance isn’t great when I’m not pregnant. So I batted my eyes at my husband and asked him if he’d humor his pregnant wife by cleaning it – and he did!

  2. WO! This is a MAJOR list of SUCCESS! I mean…just…WOW!!! I am standing in AWE of you; seriously…those last two things need their own meme called “GYNORMOUS Successes” in my book.

  3. Yes, balloon strings tangled around a ceiling fan are about the fastest way for it to get noticed and cleaned – Nasty ol’ fuzz on there! GOOD FOR YOU! I always consider that a true accomplishment. And once I do one, I find I cannot ignore the other three in the house..

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