Yarn Along

First off, I want to congratulate Ginny and her family on this wonderful news! God Bless you Baby Silas, you have come into a wonderful family!

Now to Yarn Along business.

My current read is another Clyde Edgerton novel set in Listre, NC. This one, Where Trouble Sleeps, is more of a mystery including a “gypsy man” who comes to town with a pencil thin mustache and wakes up the sleepy town. Trouble is actually the name of a bull dog who figures in very prominently with the “gypsy man’s” plans. The novel started inspired by a scene Edgerton had originally written for his first novel Raney, in which a little boy is sitting out on a porch. The scene didn’t work in Raney, but Edgerton held on to it. Parts of the novel were also inspired by Edgerton’s real childhood, most notably when, at age six, his mother took him to Raleigh to see the electric chair (to scare the will of God into him) and the death of his childhood kitten Inky. I think anyone who has not read this would really enjoy it. Edgerton is a master story teller and his ability to set scenes that are realistic is amazing.


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