Small Successes

1) We got through Shelby’s first ever dentist appointment. And her teeth got cleaned. It was wonderful, so much better than the experience I had been dreading!

2) The end of Jeff’s school year is in sight. School will be out for him on June 9 and he will be home for the summer June 14…less than a month away! 13 days, but who’s counting! We made it, a whole school year.

3) I am hesitant to share this because we had several such promising false starts, but this time, it seems to be taking…Joseph is successfully potty training. He has now had nine consecutive days in big boy underwear. We’ve had some poop accidents but no pee ones and we have made it to the potty to poop at least once. I am keeping him in diaper at night because I do not trust his nighttime bladder control yet, although about 3 am on Tuesday morning he was banging on his bedroom door yelling, “NEED TO MAKE PEE ON POTTY!” which is very promising. And as Will observes Joey he has spontaneously taken his diaper off and used the potty a few times already (oh that this child would potty train himself, I would be in heaven!).

It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that.~Danielle Bean

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6 thoughts on “Small Successes

  1. I too count the days until summer and struggle with potty training (and have for 16 years in perpetuity) so I know the fear of false hope! It sounds however like he’s got it, and the rest is logistics and practice. Great week!

    • Thanks, I haven’t heard anything official yet, so I am taking that as good news! I’ll update if I hear anything more!

  2. Oh potty training! Don’t get me started! Lulu is potty training but often gets her panties damp before she makes it to the potty. Pooping on the potty happens about once a week but she loves her panties and insist on wearing them! 🙂 It cracks me up. I figure she will get eventually.

    Summer break is so wonderful!! I hope you have a wonderful break!

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