Last week while reading my book and knowing I had pork chops to cook and had never cooked them before…I got inspired to do this:

Fry pork chops. I’ve never prepared pork chops at all. I didn’t want to mess with the oven or grill, so I made an executive decision. I was going to take the training wheels off without Jeff. So, I seasoned my flour with salt and pepper, I cracked an egg and I prayed for the best. I didn’t poison anyone. They were tasty AND all 3 kids ate them and asked for seconds. Really, someone wake me up, please, that didn’t just happen!

Then today I did this. I made drop biscuits for the first time ever. I love them because they are fast, tasty and I already have everything I need in the house to make them at a moment’s notice. For buttermilk I keep the powdered stuff in the fridge and just make a cup or so when I need it.

I am thrilled that I will be able to start cooking “real meals” like Mattie Riggsbee. Now to always see in my fellow man what she does in hers….