Now for something COMPLETELY different…

Is WordPress the future for Catholic bloggers? I don’t follow trends and am not a statistician, scientist or poll taker, but from my own observations it appears to be true.

I am especially noticing this in the wake of what was a complete breakdown of Blogger this weekend. I have read several posts and facebook statuses of people angered by all of the “issues” blogger this weekend. I have read about lost comments, lost posts, login failures and other problems. Yikes!

I used blogger for years and really enjoyed it. I kind of got soured about a year ago when Blogger was beginning to change from its templates format to “designs.” Especially when I found out that people who moved to the new format, were not given an option to move back to their old templates. That and I was annoyed at the way Google had gobbled up Blogger and was exerting more control. So about a year ago, I jumped to WordPress, already home of Danielle Bean and Amy Welborn’s blogs.

Over the last year I have seen Jen Fulwiler move Conversion Diary, Kate Wicker move Momopoly (and rename it Kate Wicker), and most recently Rachel Balducci  relocated Testosterhome to WordPress. Shortly before my move Christi moved Our Baker’s Dozen over citing more options to do what she wanted with her blog via WordPress. Christi’s reasoning prompted me to explore what WordPress might allow me to do that Blogger wasn’t. The answer…was plenty. Everything from better site stats to something as simple as strikethrough.  So I moved. Shortly after when Simcha Fisher decided to restart her own blog I Have To Sit Down was relaunched on WordPress, not Blogger, it’s previous home.

This weekend and this morning, amidst all the “downtime” for blogger, I saw where Catholic Icing and Elisa Loves are both contemplating moves off of Blogger (not necessarily to WordPress but somewhere else) as a result.

I am not trying to endorse one service over another, just observing a trend. I loved Blogger when I started and had no clue what I was doing. It held my hand and guided me. But once I had my own sure footing, I definitely felt restrained and not having the funds to purchase my own domain name on the service, I wanted something that would give me more options without requiring me to pay. Surely purchasing your own domain name should allow you more than a free service BUT when two different free services have so much discrepancy in what they offer, it makes you wonder. To be sure, Blogger has begun offering more comparable services to what WordPress has on its free accounts, but after the catastrophes witnessed recently, I won’t be moving back any time soon.

So, what about you, what would make you switch blog hosting companies? Did you suffer from Blogger’s recent woes? Have you noticed a lot of people switching in your world? Inquiring minds want to know!


7 thoughts on “Now for something COMPLETELY different…

  1. I chose WordPress _because_ I noticed it was as trend. I’m so dumb about tech stuff, I figured I would just follow the herd. I took me a LONG time to get used to WordPress. The controls are not nearly as intuitive as Blogger’s, and some things take three steps when Blogger only took one (or did it automatically).

    The two worst things about WordPress are: (1) They are incredibly restrictive in their free version. In the name of keeping things “uncluttered,” you can’t add widgets like a Paypal button, for instance. It’s very difficult to put on something even so basic as a blog roll or a list of links. Blogger lets you stick on anything you want. If you are going to pay for the fancier version of WordPress, apparently it’s wonderful and adaptable, if you have the know-how. We’ll see when I finally get that version launched someday.

    (2) is that IT EATS POSTS. Every once in a while, I will have 900 words just vaporize on me. No reason — just gone. One minute it’s there – next minute the word count is 0. If I have manually saved it, I can go back to a previous version, and then have to laboriously remove all the code and reformat it. But if I haven’t saved it (the autosave doesn’t do that trick), there is no restoring it – it’s just gone. Infuriating.

    I realize I’m speaking as a technomoron, but then lots of people are that. So that has been my experience. I was glad to have WordPress once I heard about Blogger’s lost post glitch the other day, but most days I just curse WordPress! I do like the advanced stats, though. Sorry, I realize this doesn’t really answer your question! I guess I’m just feeling grumpy.

    • No need to apologize. I completely understand. I hate having to upload a video to Youtube just to have to post it here because I don’t pay. You are right, particularly for those unfamiliar with technology (or afraid of it) Blogger is easier and makes things a lot simpler. For reasons unknown to me, I tend to pick up these tech innovations easily, which is probably why I was more attracted to WordPress at the point I moved. I’ve had the weirdness with the linking too and the losing posts. I don’t know that WordPress is better, but it seems to be attracting a lot of Blogger people lately. Particularly Catholic ones 🙂 I just typed thanks for weighing in before I thought, you never say that to a pregnant woman! Thanks for contributing, there, I like the way that sounds better!

  2. I don’t know man..every time blogger changes something and loses stuff, it makes me wonder. I pay for my own domain. It’s only ten bucks a year, but it’s still on blogger. I just wanted an easy website to remember for my friends and family. If it were very easy to move my entire blog and everything on it, I’d do it right away..but I still have a gazillion questions, and not enough time to get them all answered…so for now, I will just cross my fingers, and hope blogger never loses my blog. I’d be very. very. sad.

    • It’s hard, I contemplated a while before moving and went back and forth many, many times. I would consider maybe emailing Jen Fulwiler about her experience. From a user perspective, it went great, her domain name didn’t change and it was seamless as far as archiving from what I could tell. She’s been moved about six months or so, I’m sure she has some good stories. (BTW, I forgot my blogger user name, hence, I can’t move those archives here!)

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