Will’s Second Birthday Round-up

On May 7, William Christopher turned two. We had decided months ago on a birthday at the park, so I called the parks & rec department and asked about reserving a shelter for the party. The person I spoke with informed me I really didn’t need a reservation, but took my name and number down and wrote down the shelter we had requested. Unfortunately that person was mistaken. We arrived at the park to find out all four shelters were reserved for four OTHER birthday parties, there was a family reunion going on AND a wedding. We had no room! I was one of the first on the scene and called Jeff who was taking our second car. I informed him and he drove to another park close to our house, he said he would call to tell me if it was okay and if it was full, we would relocate the party to our house. I frantically waved down other guests as they arrived and told them we would have to have a change of plans and called those on their way. Jeff called back and informed me that aside from a few kids on a basketball court, the other park was deserted and they had grills (we had purchased a small one that morning as the park we had intended on going to did not have them). I quickly informed the other guests and we relocated. Thankfully, I had not given out any money for the park location and we brought our own food. It could have been worse, a parent at Shelby’s school had told me a couple of months before that she had taken her son to a party that was supposed to be at Chuck E. Cheese and they had overbooked for parties that day and they were turned away. Yikes! Imagine THAT chaos!

For a fun craft, we had the kids paint clay pots. They really seemed to enjoy it. We had also hoped to plant grass in them, but the kids had too much fun playing together! The pic above is Jeff’s step-mother Joan helping Will.

The birthday boy especially enjoyed this activity! We were impressed to note his fine motor skills are ahead of where they should be!

Real flattering shot of me here :). Joey and Will have both continued painting long after the party!

The kids also enjoyed playing games like t-ball. Here’s Joey and his cousin Cooper playing with Uncle Max.

Will got some cool presents. Luckily, my sister-in-law sprang into action and grabbed my camera and started taking pics when we started opening them.

This pic is to show you how bad Joey wanted “in” on the action. We are still reminding him that other people have birthdays too! (He has to wait until September till his! He has petitioned us to move it up though!)

Joey with the earth-mover truck Uncle Mike and Aunt Autumn and Cousin Bella got for Will. Somehow, he got his hands on it first!

Will getting his chance with his own toy!

Once again, Joey in the foreground, my parents got Will a tricycle. Joey has been riding it quite a bit even though he has a bike to learn to pedal (which he refuses to do on his bike, so he’s learning). It has a steering bar in the back for adults to assist with. It is hilarious watching one of the boys pedal while the other steers but both of them are getting quite good at pedaling and steering!

Everyone had a great time and I don’t have a picture of our “dirt cupcakes” but they were a runaway, smash hit (part of the reason I don’t have any pics, they got eaten so quickly!).  Our theme for the party was “What are little boys made of…snips and snails and puppy dog tails” because Will loves the outdoors so much. Next year, if we decide to do parties, I’m making it easy for Will…Siete de Mayo. We’ll break out sombreros and nachos and margaritas! Whose with me!

Thanks to everyone who came and enjoyed themselves at Will’s party. We all had a great time!