Mother’s Day…a made up holiday? Who CARES?

And if you do care, don’t bother commenting, I don’t want to hear about it!

I don’t have any mother’s day pics for you (I know you are all very disappointed, but try to hold it in). I had this totally excellent idea for Mother’s Day (which this year fell the day after Will’s birthday) of having whoever wanted to join us come over for make-your-own street tacos. I asked for (and received) a cast-iron skillet for my mother’s day gift. (And mom, just for you, Thank you Jeff for my skillet, you are the best husband ever!) I was going to roast a chicken in my skillet for the tacos. It went, well, okay. I had never roasted a chicken before and I put it in upside down which was better because it made the breast meat REALLY juicy! But, I also didn’t cook it quite long enough but Jeff fixed that in the microwave. The tacos themselves turned out fantastic.

This week we had a continuation of Mother’s Day weekend just us (my parents and one of my brothers joined us last weekend). The local Greek Orthodox church hosts a Greek Festival annually and it fell this weekend. We have a huge Greek community here and they are very eager to share their heritage with us. We decided that Jeff would get some food for us and bring it home this year because we have a problem with William wandering off lately and seeing as Shelby needs 100% supervision by one of us at all times and my parents couldn’t come because my brother graduated from college this weekend and Jeff’s dad and step-mother had houseguests, we decided to wait one more year to bring the kids out. I really would love to go to the tour and evening vespers, I’ve been told it’s quite lovely. So, I got some baklava last night and a chicken gyro for dinner. YUM! Jeff also gave me a small shopping spree that netted me some undergarments, two bathing suits (the last one I got was a maternity one when I was pregnant with Joey), a couple of shirts and a few pairs of shorts. Right about now, made up or not, I really like Mother’s Day!