Happy Easter

I had plans to go out of town Thursday-Sunday for a girls weekend. But even the best laid plans can sometimes not go and it ended up not happening this go around. I was disappointed, but there will be other times.

Having Jeff home all week was great and Shelby too. Jeff and the kids had lots of fun playing together. Saturday we went over to Jeff’s parents’ new house about forty minutes from ours for the first time. The kids enjoyed exploring the new house and we enjoyed seeing the “concepts” come to life. Jeff’s dad and step-mother have done a really nice job getting it together in just a couple of weeks. There are still boxes to be opened and the play-room upstairs hasn’t been set up yet, but they have a good sized backyard and a sun porch that the kids adore. We had a great meal and a good time catching up and will be back soon, I’m sure.

Because my trip was cancelled last minute, we didn’t get to dye eggs this year (as we hadn’t planned it out) and didn’t do Easter Baskets for the same reason (and because we’re trying not to give the kids a ton of candy either). But my mom did bring the traditional basket to be blessed at her parish and shared a picture on facebook that I’ll share with you now.

The lamb made of butter in the front is handmade by my mother each year. Happy Easter to you and yours!


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