Seven Quick Takes Friday

1) Shelby has had an awesome week. She used her spoon without prompting to eat yogurt on Sunday. Then Tuesday night after she kicked the screen out of her window (don’t ask) and was scared she answered a question. When I said, “Now we know that is scary don’t we?” She looked me in the eye and said, “Yes.” Then Wednesday, at school, when walking down the hall with her speech therapist she saw her teacher from last year. When Krysta said, “Hi Shelby,” Shelby responded by saying “Hi!” They were both floored. Shelby being able to utilize her fine motor skills and retrieve words is a great and unexpected improvement.

2) My kids are, I’m sure, not alone in thinking their Daddy can do anything. So when I was sick this week, Joey helpfully suggested “Call Daddy, he take care of you Mommy!” And Daddy very well can take care of me when sick. He’s done it before, but his powers don’t stop there. Daddy apparently also controls weather, traffic jams, and Wal-Mart is “Daddy’s store.”

3) Hardee’s (or Carl’s Jr if you are West Coast) has a new turkey burger. Not a fan in general of turkey burgers but this ad they have out now for it, would make me not buy it even if I was a fan. (WordPress won’t let me link, darn, but go to Youtube and turkey burger). For the record I’m like Mitch Hedberg. Someone needs to tell turkey just to be itself.

4) If anyone out there is a fan, please tell me what the appeal of Community is. I can’t figure it out at all. And God knows, with no CBS and no Big Bang Theory…

5) The Lowes Foods I used to utilize is becoming a Whole Foods. Well, yeah for Whole Foods, but unfortunately, I don’t have money to shop their and buy the gas to drive there. (And we are getting a Lowes Foods within 2 miles of my house, the other one was way far away.) But what I really want…a Trader Joe’s…nowhere on the horizon.

6) Has anyone out there taken their kids to see Hop? It just opened last weekend and the review I got at was very favorable overall. Hoping to take my three-year-old who knows there is no such thing as the Easter Bunny but it’s fun to pretend.

7) I just saw Helen Mirren is going to be the host of Saturday Night Live. I am sure she is going to hit it out of the park like Betty White did. And I plan on seeing her in the remake of Arthur too.


2 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes Friday

  1. I like your Friday 7 takes! What a great idea! It sounds like ya’ll had a great week! I hope you are feeling better.
    God bless!

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