Tiny Treasures Tuesday

William– Will is continuting to amaze us with his language abilities and his comprehension. He has also learned to fight back. Which has its pluses and minuses. Pluses because it makes Joey less likely to resort to hitting in frustration knowing Will might hit back. Minuses being Will hits back. We are trying to encourage using their hands and feet as “instruments of peace.” We are having mixed results but mostly successes.

Joseph– Joey got to have an exciting weekend with Gigi and Papa. He and Mommy rode with Gigi and Papa to Uncle Mike and Aunt Autumn’s house. Uncle Mike is Joey’s Godfather and Joey liked seeing his house and playing with his cousin Bella and Uncle Mike and Aunt Autumn’s dog Baby Girl and their cats Bootleg and Moonshine. He also got to go to Cracker Barrel for the first time and loved playing checkers with Papa and eating all of his egg, much to Mommy’s  surprise. At Cracker Barrel Gigi bought him a stuffed skunk that is stuffed with a whoopee cushion. It has already brought hours of entertainment. He also got to go to the aquarium and see the sharks, jellyfish, spiny lobsters and an albino alligator. He got a puzzle there and loves it.

Shelby–Shelby impressed everyone by using her spoon with no prompting to eat her yogurt this weekend. Big success. Shelby had lots of fun swimming in the pool with Gigi and Daddy at the hotel Gigi and Papa stayed at over the weekend. She continues to do well at school playing with the various musical instruments in her class and now learning to like legos and the water table. Soon we will have her IEP meeting to discuss the big move to kindergarten. This is happening so fast!