7 Quick Takes Friday

1. I finished the Thirty Day Picture Challenge. It wasn’t perfect all the way through, but I was thrilled to do it. Now should I or should I not do the thirty day song challenge. I think, maybe, no, at least not right now. This was like my personal NaBloPoMo.

2. I did, in fact, cry during last weeks episode of The Office titled The Proposal. It’s been a week so don’t read this if you missed it, I cried when Holly opened the door and the entire office was standing there with candles and Jim, Stanley, Oscar, Gabe, Angela and Ryan asked her to marry them individually.  I cried when Jim talked about being nervous asking Pam to marry him even though he knew she would say yes. I cried when Holly was talking to her Dad on the phone and he didn’t remember she wasn’t in the room with him. I cried when Michael proposed to Holly in his “Yoda voice.” And I cried when he happily announced to the shocked office that he was leaving with Holly to go to Colorado. I don’t think I have ever had more happy tears at a television show. Well, some were sad too, but that had to be some kind of record. Thank God the episode ended with Dwight planting the “magic beans” Jim sold him and then Jim rolled out a bunch of already grown plants to replace the newly planted seeds. Oh and that Parks and Rec followed and was hilarious.

3. I do have a prayer request this week. One of my sorority sisters has a five-year-old daughter battling a neuroblastoma. They are awaiting tests and results and just trying to enjoy their time together in the mean time. If you have a moment if you could please pray for this family, particularly her three-year-old son who has no idea what is wrong with his sister.

4. I will admit I am both excited for and sick of hearing about the next royal wedding. I think Kate Middleton is beautiful and will make a wonderful Princess Catherine. My favorite detail to emerge so far though is the cake. I love that Kate chose a floral theme that will include Scottish thistle, Irish shamrocks, Welsh daffodils and English roses and the other floral decorations were chosen for their meaning: the bridal rose, which symbolizes happiness, the oak and acorn – which is an architectural detail around the room where the cake will be – symbolizes strength and endurance. There is a lily of the valley, which symbolizes sweetness and humility, and ivy leaves, which symbolize marriage. My favorite blooms she chose, Sweet William which a lot of us would think of as a weed but I actually planted, considering I have my own sweet William.  Small detail that says a lot.

5. If you are a big fan of bacon (I am!) you will probably enjoy this. Sadly, there are none of those restaurants near enough for me to justify going, but I since I did not give up meat for Lent, I may have my own Baconfest.

6. While I enjoy the rain and I enjoy the somewhat temporary spring temps, I am freezing right now. What is wrong with me?

7. True Confession and I don’t care if you hate me for this: I love that Cee-Lo song. You know which one!


2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. The Office one of those guilty pleasures for me, too! I didn’t cry during this particular episode, but I did cry over the Jim and Pam wedding episode.

    The magic beans were hilarious!

    • Maurisa, I cried at the their wedding too. Jim and Pam have provided some great moments on the show. I am hoping it will survive post-Michael Scott, but I am sad about Steve Carell leaving.

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