Tiny Treasures Tuesday

William– Will has started to figure out how to “blame.” For example, “Who is poopy?” Will’s answer “Joey!” (Especially when it is him.) He’s  also learned about humor, ie when you point to him and ask him what his name is his answer: Joey. This baby is way to grown for me right now!

Joseph– Joey LOVES  being the boss…I may have mentioned it before, but just in case you missed it…ANYhow, he has been extra busy lately informing his brother to use his spoon, his sister to stay out of the refrigerator and the dogs to leave everyone at the dinner table alone.

Shelby– Miss Shelby had a fever this weekend…nothing major but it kept her away from the birthday part at Chuck E. Cheese because it was high enough and she was actually acting like she felt bad (not wanting to get out of the bed and putting herself down for a nap are not the norm for this child). She had lots of fun on Friday though during her teacher workday. We set up a playdate with a neighbor whose son goes to school with Shelby. We ended up being there almost five hours! All 4 of the kids (her son and my 3) had a blast.