Seven Quick Takes Friday

1. So you may have already read, we weren’t able to see Jeff’s cousins last week :(. Two of us (me and Shelby) were both sick and it was just going to be an impossible undertaking.

2. I set up my husband’s website for school. It’s being hosted by wordpress and I hope he likes it since he didn’t tell me what he thought of it yet…

3. I am going to start trying to devote one hour of my day to reading out of an actual book. I don’t have a Kindle or Nook, and I have some books I have yet to read or that I know I read before but have no memory of…getting back to basics.

4. My dogs are polar opposites when it comes to activities. Charlie, our bird dog (we believe he is a Large Munsterlander but since he was rescued, we have no way of knowing for sure) loves to run and “hunt” the numerous squirrels and birds that like to venture into our yard. He also goes ballistic if he sees a cat. He loves being outside as long as he can see. Gilligan, our beagle, oh wow, what a difference. Although we got Gilligan from a breeder who breeds his beagles as hunting dogs. Well, we got Gilligan as an eight-week-old puppy who had never hunted (although he did show clear signs of the instinct) and we never reinforced the hunting. Gilligan brings to mind Snoopy. He climbs up to the highest point he can…and sleeps. The dog probably spends close to 22 hours out of the day asleep. And don’t let him go outside if he can help it!

5. After a long and drawn out decision making process we have decided that Shelby will attend her first ever Chuck E. Cheese birthday party this Saturday. It is for a little girl in her class who LOVES Shelby. Our previous reluctance has mostly to do with Shelby’s diagnosis of Sensory Processing Disorder, especially when it comes to noise/sounds. (Shelby’s highest sensory needs are auditory and tactile.) However, over the last 2 1/2 years since this diagnosis was made and with diligent work with an occupational therapist to help her manage sensory overload and better process sensory input, we feel we are ready to try this. (When I say “we,” I should clarify that Jeff is taking her solo. The boys were not invited and we’re keeping the party a secret because Joey LOVES Chuck E. Cheese not to mention since we don’t know what Shelby’s reaction will be, it’s best this be a one parent venture. Oh and it’s going to be during nap time…). Jeff is completely willing to see where it takes them and if it gets to be too much to bow out as gracefully as possible with a screaming-her-head-off four-year-old (I’m hoping it won’t go down that badly, but it is a real possibility).

6. My son Joey has a pathological fear of bees. I have one of rats and mice…well any of those little rodents and my grandmother has one of snakes. And Jeff HATES bees with a passion after a childhood incident where his brother stirred up a nest of them and Jeff got stung. Anyway, we have a holly bush in our back yard that is beautiful but attracks lots of bees. If Joey sees a bee when outside he completely dissolves into hysterics and physically freezes. He cannot move. So the requisite “parent on duty”(I guess it goes without saying that is typically me) has to come and physically remove him. So, in light of all this, the most requested movie this week? Why Bee Movie of course! Black and yellow!

7. My husband made some kind of yummy queso enchilada filler last week at school and brought some home. So, I stuck it in the slow cooker and added some chicken breasts, a little bit of Heinz chili sauce, some orange marmalade, Adobo seasoning and a couple of tablespoons of good Kentucky Bourbon and made a really good spicy, sweet shredded chicken that  I’ve eaten over rice, on a taco shell and even on a hamburger bun. Yes, it is THAT good.