Tiny Treasures Tuesday

William– Mr. Will is just continuing to amaze us with his intellect and his savviness. How many one-year-olds can verbally negotiate what they will eat today for what they will eat tomorrow? I don’ t know and I didn’t know any could until mine did. He is also showing his concern for his brother and sister very attentively. If we are on a playground or somewhere out and for whatever reason he hasn’t seen them in a few minutes, he goes looking. If he can’t find them, he gets an adult. Being he’s so young, we’ve never talked to him about strangers like we have Joey, but he seems to get it anyway…

Joseph–Last Friday Joey had, what we suspect, was his first battle with motion sickness. About an hour after his lunch and right after he’d had some juice, I put him in the car to take him and Will to go pick Shelby up from school. Not even a mile down the road  his entire lunch and the juice came up. So a U-turn bath and clean car seat later and we were on our way again, luckily without a repeat. The car was hot when we got in and Ithink that’s all it took :(. Fortunately, he suffered no ill effects and has not repeated. He was a bit scared at first, but now says it didn’t phase him.

Shelby–Shelby has an ever growing palate it appears. Last week I made some homemade ginger snaps and she loved them and kept coming back for more. The family sweet tooth has mostly skipped her so this is a new development for sure! She has been doing great work at school with more interaction with her teachers and peers!