Welcome Spring!

Apparently the pine trees in southeastern NC got the message loud and clear that spring started this weekend, because our cars are covered in yellow and Saturday I had a massive allergy attack. I spent just about the whole day in bed, and what I didn’t spend in bed I spent cleaning up after Shelby who was suffering from a lower intestinal virus. With it being clear that Shelby could not travel and me being in such a state (if it had just been me, I would have toughed it out) Jeff made the executive decision we would stay home and would have to miss seeing his cousins. I feel bad about it. Really bad, but it was obviously a bit beyond our control.

Also, blogging got neglected a bit. I had a whole big plan for a big Viva San Guiseppe post that didn’t happen. Our St Joseph meal and late St Patrick’s Day meals also got scrapped (as Jeff was afraid to leave to do any shopping with me so out of it and poor Shelby so unpredictable). Sunday I was feeling much better but that was hardly a day of rest as we had a huge messy house to tackle and being that the weather was a bit nicer (and I was pro-active on the sudafed and zyrtec) we wanted the kids outside for a bit so we made it to the park at some point.

Over the last week I have become a hot tea drinker again. I always crave a cup or two or three every month, but I’m up to four or five cups (most of it decaf) a day. Today I went to get some Twinings English Breakfast Tea as it is quite possibly the greatest wake-up ever. The rest of my tea, decaf. I’m also on a trying new recipes kick. I hope to try one I found here. One of my new favorite sites. And with Jeff’s supervision hope to make some cheddar-jalapeno bread this weekend…hmmm.

And great news, Jeff has a teacher workday on Friday and because the Thursday before is early release, he will get to actually come home early on Friday. That’s the best news I’ve had in a LONG time!