7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Lime Jell-o turned out to be the hit of all hits for St Patrick’s Day. But apparently Joey decided he should be allowed to join the Blue Man Group when his grandparents go to see them this weekend. He decided to spray blue food coloring all over  himself and somehow he manage to only get it on his body not his face and not on any furniture or anything else.

2. Last week there was no incidences with not having satellite anymore on the kid front. I was missing CBS for Big Bang Theory, but I was doing okay too. This week, three days straight we have had meltdowns over not being able to watch the Wiggles. And by “we” I mean Joey. We need to get Netflix like yesterday!

3. I just saw an ad for the remake of Arthur starring Russell Brand. It actually looks really funny. I own the original with Dudley Moore and Liza Minelli. I’m sure this one is going to be every bit as inappropriate but fun too. Oh and there is no Christopher Cross song in this new version.

4. I am craving apple crisp right now. I don’t know why, but I am.

5. On to less randomness, or more, isn’t that a little bit what this is about. This Lent we have become Lenten Prayer partners with Camp Don Lee praying for their ministry. Don Lee is the Methodist camp that Jeff went to as a teenager. We are hoping that Jeff and Shelby will be going to their Father-Child weekend next summer. The reflections are not denomination specific and are mostly reflections of how an experience at the camp led to a revelation of God’s love or forgiveness among other things.

6. This weekend we are seeing a couple of Jeff’s cousins. Two of them have flown to the East Coast from Seattle and one of them only lives a couple of hours from us but we don’t get to see him real often. I am excited!

7. Sometimes when I say I don’t know where my kids came from, that’s a great thing. Like for example, Will. This week he had a little milk spill. Just him bumping a cup a little and some spilling over the side. Without anything being said, he promptly got up from his chair went to the drawer where we keep dish rags and cleaned up his mess. This is my one-year-old. Really?