7 Quick Takes Friday

1. For those of you who don’t know me via facebook, two weeks ago this past Thursday, I dislocated my kneecap. I did this often in middle school and high school, but I know it’s been at least 15 years since the last time it had happened. Here’s how it went down…I was walking in the kitchen finishing up my daily phone call with Jeff I put my phone on top of the refrigerator (sadly we’ve had a few “toddler dials” over the years). I turned suddenly unaware that Will was literally on my tail. Startled I lost my balance and as I tried to regain it, it happened. Suddenly, I had searing pain radiating from both my ankle and knee (I got bonus points for twisting my ankle) and was sitting on the floor. I remembering hearing my voice as my brain struggled to put words together telling a crying Will who was saying “sorry Mama” between tears it was an accident it was okay. Joey was telling me, “Call Daddy, Mama. Daddy pick you up!”  Somehow, I remembered to completely straighten my leg despite the pain to force my kneecap back into place. I used a kitchen chair to help me stand and reach my phone and called Jeff back. He asked if he needed to come home, I told him I thought I had it, I was getting some ice and taking an anti-inflammatory and would elevate it. He said if it stiffened up over night to just keep Shelby home from school. I am still struggling with pain from the swollen tendons and ligaments that take longer to heal. It was a good penetential way to start Lent I thought.

2. Apparently not penetential enough though because on Ash Wednesday, I had planned to take the boys with me to noon mass while Shelby was at school and then pick her up (her school lets out mid-afternoon). That turned out to be a pipe dream when both boys came down with the dreaded lower-GI tummy virus that struck Daddy last week. Wow. Yesterday, as the boys started to seem to be on the road to recovery more or less, my knee was so sore I knew I wouldn’t be able to take Shelby to school. My knee predicts weather and it was raining. Turns out, it can predict illness too. Shelby spiked a 102 degree fever during the day and just wanted to lie still. Somehow I managed to wrestle Motrin in her and she perked up within an hour. With the way she was acting, she would have been miserable at school all day.

3.  On to happier things. Monday I registered Shelby for kindergarten. It was exciting and scary. It also required an early morning trip to the Register of Deeds to procure certified birth certificates. I was surely dreading both going the ROD and the school because I had the boys with me. Apparently, God taught me that there can be reward for something I did right at some point in my life because instead of the running around, knocking things over, screeching loudly little boys I am accustomed to, there were two little boys who sat quietly at both places and colored and shared (gasp!) crayons and let me get all the paperwork done. We actually got compliments on good behavior. I felt like Bert on Sesame Street when he found Ernie going through the toy box cleaning it out, “This is different.”

4. Next week we will celebrate the feast days of both of my oldest son’s patron saints. When I named him Joseph Patrick it never occurred to me that St Joseph’s day came only two days after St Patrick’s day. Joey was named after the two saints and a friend of Jeff’s from high school who died shortly before graduation. But he seems to have figured out the St Patrick’s Day and St Joseph’s day things…he’s asked if he gets presents…

5. This year we are trying something different for our garden. For the first time our Wal-Mart has offered boxed fruit vines/plants. We have a concord grape vine, a blueberry plant and blackberry. Jeff also got Yukon Gold potatoes. We probably won’t see the grapes or berries till next year. I can’t remember about the potatoes. (For those who have never planted potatoes you basically plant small potatoes, you can do it yourself if you have potatoes with eyes, you can just cut the eyes off and plant those. Jeff didn’t know this, I don’t remember why/how I did. Oh, and it’s more difficult to do it yourself now since the potatoes with eyes rarely make it to your neighborhood grocery store anymore.)

6. I just heard that the house that was the inspiration for Daisy’s home with the green light on the dock in The Great Gatsby is set for demolition. I loved and still love this book. What will stand in it’s place, why five smaller house of course :…(

7. For those who don’t have wordpress or haven’t seen this, it is the perfect short rant about “reply all” buttons on emails. Most hilarious are the comments of massive “reply all” fails. Apparently you DON’T have to work in an office with Michael Scott for these kinds of email mishaps to take place.

BONUS: Speaking of The Office, one my favorites, Steve Carell had his last day on set last week (March 4). Per @RainnWilson (aka Dwight K. Schrute) we get this pic

To quote Rainn: Steve Carell’s last day on ‘The Office.’ And the angels of comedy wept…


3 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. OUCH! That knee sounds so painful. Hope it is fully recovered soon.

    I have enjoyed the office. It has had its high points and its low but overall it has been a fun ride. I still wish Andy and Erin would get back together though. They were the cute next “Jim&Pam”

  2. Oh my goodness!!! I hope you’re feeling better soon and able to make it through your day without too much of a problem.

    Yay for gardens! I really want to plant some this year but don’t want to overload myself with stuff. I think we’re going to get some quick producing berry bushes and leave it at that.

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