Tiny Treasures Tuesday

image credit Lerin at Beautiful Chaos

Been a while since our last Tiny Treasures Tuesday so here are some of the sweet things my kids have done and are doing:

William—Will is now almost 22 months old. He is adventurous, to say the least. He has no fear of anything. In the last month my husband found him sitting on top of the ladder, we have removed him from on top of the refrigerator (and we have no idea how he got there) and he climbed on top of the playground equipment the last time we went… I spend a lot of my day redirecting that energy! He is by far our most observant child and learns a lot that way. He spontaneously began saying “thank you” when one of his siblings would give him something and “bless you” when anyone sneezes. He is a sweetheart saying “I sorry” whenever he sees someone crying. Will has started calling more than just Daddy by name too. He calls himself  “Nah-iam” and says “Joey,” “Mommy,” “Gigi,” “Charlie,” and “Gilligan” well. He has trouble with Shelby who he calls “Bobby.”

Joseph—Joey is really enjoying being a big brother. Sometimes too much! He seems to feel big brother is just a small step from being mom and dad. Ever our shy child (at least initially), he’s taken to being friendlier with kids at Shelby’s school and even waving to her teachers. He also finally talked on the phone for the first time, to his uncle Steve, a couple of weekends ago. We are still working on controlling his temper, potty-training, being bossy, taking turns and sharing. We have found he is generally better behaved when with other adults and kids vs his own family.

Shelby—Shelby is on her way to her first word “baby.” So far we heard it once at home while seeing a picture of a baby and her speech therapist has heard it once at school when Shelby was holding a baby doll and “caring for it.” Next week I register her for kindergarten. Really? Seriously? When did she get old enough for this to happen? She is enjoying warmer weather and our trips to the park. She also is enjoying actually walking (vs being pushed in the stroller) when we go for walks. She also allowed us to do a much more intensive hair cut and is allowing us to clean her ears with a q-tip. She now has a “bob” cut and seems to enjoy it. While I would prefer her to have longer hair, considering how she manages to tangle it, her refusal to allow us to put it in braids or a pony tail, and her general aversion to growing her bangs out, a bob it is.