Yarn Along…I forget!

Thanks to snow last week and my child missing 3 days of school, I missed Yarn Along, but I’m back this week! I’ve decided to read some fiction now. I’m rereading two books I enjoyed in early college by E. Annie Proulx. Yes, that E. Annie Proulx, the one who wrote the short story about the cowboys that was made into a motion picture with the late Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhall. The first is The Shipping News which won Ms. Proulx not just a National Book Award but a Pulitzer Prize too. It is the story of a failed newspaperman Quoyle and his daughters who move to New England in search of…I can’t quite remember, but re-reading it, I’m remembering why I loved it. I am a big fan of Ms. Proulx’s writing style. Postcards was a later book following a different New England family, these ones farmers. Before Ms. Proulx wrote of  cowboys in Wyoming, she was a huge fan of families in New England. I can’t wait to re-read both of these!

Please join Ginny at small things and the other ladies today for Yarn Along!


7 thoughts on “Yarn Along…I forget!

  1. I had no idea Shipping News was a novel! My head has been buried in the literary sand for too long! My husband and I LOVE that movie, it is one of our favorites because we love how Quoyle turns his life around and we love the community in the Newfoundland town he moves into.

  2. I never saw that movie…the hunchback, lol…that’s the word that popped into my head…brokeback mountain or whatever, but I have heard of shipping news…just never read it. I want to read it now.

  3. I was going to say the same thing – I love The Shipping News (want to read it again now!) and I will have to look for Postcards!

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