Seven Quick Takes Friday

1. So, in case you missed it, we had three days of snow here this week. It basically shut down the entire community as the snow was accompanied by ice and freezing rain (that became ice) and sleet (that became ice). Total chaos and now the county where Shelby goes to school is holding us hostage by not telling anyone when these days will be made until a February BOE meeting. Really. One of the districts that missed this week is making up a day on Saturday this week, why must the county we are dealing with move at the speed of government. Really.

2. File this under other things my kids love that I can’t stand. That stupid “Dadgum” song on Mater’s Tall Tales. That is the most annoying and stuck in your head song EVER.

3. One of the movies the kids got for Christmas (each kid got one, Joey’s was the aforementioned Mater’s Tall Tales) was Despicable Me. I was highly anticipating it but I was cautious too. I was nervous I wouldn’t like it. It turned out to be cute and funny and very good Steve Carell because when he’s good he’s really good but when he’s off, look out.

4. So, you’ve heard, by now probably, that John Paul II is up for beatification on Divine Mercy Sunday. Having just written my novena recently, I am nothing short of thrilled at this news and can’t wait to start the Divine Mercy Novena…which means I have to wait as Easter is LATE this year!

5. As I was cooking bacon this morning this commercial popped in my mind: And upon googling “pigs eating pork” I also found out pigs are omnivores who will eat any kind of meat. Including pork. Apparently that pig was right and we’re the only ones who find it weird. And for the record, I like that commercial.

6. Speaking of breakfast food, I am actually excited about McDonald’s offering oatmeal with fruit and maple. Nothing says breakfast on a cold winter morning to me like oatmeal. And it’s reassuring to know that if I can’t make it for whatever reason, I can go through McDonald’s drive through and get a bowl for $1.99.

7. Today is my good friend Kathy’s oldest son’s 18th birthday. So I’m wishing Dylan the happiest of birthdays and Kathy the happy 18th anniversary of becoming a mother! I hope they  both have wonderful days and an excellent year ahead!

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