Feast of St Lucy and Novena

Wake up, Lucia comes today,

O, be glad! Lucia comes in bright array

To light the way to Christmas day!

Wake up, Lucia greets us here!

Oh, be glad! Lucia comes again this year –

To bring us joy and bring us cheer!

She enters with the morning light.

Oh, be glad! Her happy face ‘neath candles bright

Dispels the darkness of the night!

This day our hearts are filled with love.

Oh, be glad! Lucia tells of God’s great love

And of His Gift from heaven above!

Novena to Saint Lucy

Whose beautiful name
Signifies light, By the light of Faith
Which God bestowed upon you,
Increase and preserve
His light in my soul,
So that I may avoid evil,
Be zealous in the performance
Of good works,
And abhor nothing
So much as the blindness
And the darkness
Of evil and sin.

Obtain for me,
By your intercession
With God,
Perfect vision
For my bodily eyes
And the grace to use them
For God’s greater honor
And glory
And the salvation of souls.

St. Lucy,
Virgin and martyr,
Hear my prayers
And obtain my petitions.



2 thoughts on “Feast of St Lucy and Novena

  1. This is lovely!!! We celebrate St. Lucy’s day – it is one of our daughter’s birthday… We sing “O St. Lucy” (do you know it- to the tune of Frere Jacques), and the girls dress in white and hold lit candles…makes me look forward to winter! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Dear St Lucy please hear my prayer,i was pushed out of the house by my boyfriend yet am pregnant. help me open his eyes so that he cames for me.

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