The “Go-To” Saint Volume 1

St Anthony of Padua

I have a bad habit. Well, I have several, but one that causes me much distress is I lose things. I rarely put things away “right away” or in the same place twice so I lose A LOT of things. Most frequently, my phone. And in the last week, a USB drive and the brand new memory card for my camera (that are still unfound).

Because my phone (like my keys) is something I never leave the house without, I rely heavily on St Anthony. My prayer is not the usual St Anthony prayer, I usually just repeat, “St Anthony please help me find X.” And I’m sure the reason the USB drive and memory card have not turned up, I haven’t really been praying for them to…but I digress.

St Anthony, for me, is a practical saint, a “go-to” saint. He’s never left me hanging. And he’s provided some humorous anecdotes like this one Jen at Conversion Diary shared so candidly about her mother-in-law Yaya. 

I love St Anthony for many reasons, among which is that he is a Franciscan and I grew up with Franciscans as priests. I love him for his devotion to Christ and willingness to defend the church against heretics. And it is important to remember that when one asks St Anthony, through prayer, for his intercession, one also should remember to feed his poor!


One thought on “The “Go-To” Saint Volume 1

  1. Saint Anthony has never failed me!! He will just put a weird place that I hadn’t thought of on my heart and I’ll randomly think of it and say to myself: “No, it couldn’t be there!”…but I keep feeling I should check there and sure enough! FOUND IT!

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