Seven Quick Takes Friday

Things I used to hate that my kids helped me love

1. “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and “O Christmas Tree” –really really, I disliked those Christmas Carols with a passion. Until my kids loved them and asked me to play them over and over and sing them. Their love of those songs was contagious.

2. Speaking of “really really” Shrek 2. I just could not like that movie to save my life. The only part I liked originally was the scene where they showed “Knights” and were arresting Shrek (as a man), Donkey (as a stallion) and Puss. “Following a white bronco…”, I’ll stop there. Now, I really enjoy it. Watching my kids laugh at it, again, contagious.

3. Peanut butter and honey sandwiches…okay, these I hated out of ignorance. The one time I was served one (by a friend’s mom) it had rancid honey on it. I took the bite out of my mouth immediately, even though I knew it was rude. The other girls who ate their sandwiches, they got a nasty stomach bug…anyhow, my kids have inspired a love of these as well.

4. Diego–I hated Diego out of ignorance: I thought he was like Dora. But Joey loves all the animals and he is doing great at identifying them and telling me about them.

5. Back to the subject of Christmas Songs…that Dominic the Donkey song. Hearing your three-year-old dissolve into giggles, that’ll convert you!

6. Corn dogs. I used to think they were sooo junky (and they are), but I wouldn’t even try them. Well, I actually like them.

7. Cats. Well, I’m not a cat -lover, but I have a growing tolerance for them now. Thanks to my boys. Especially Joey who has reminded me more than once, “All God’s creatures have a place in the choir mama!”

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  1. In America I eat the vegetarian corn dogs. Makes me feel like they are almost not the worst thing for you 🙂

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