7 Quick Takes Friday

1) I am now in the world of full time SAHMommyhood with part-time weekend work. Very different. Very cool, so far. Very lonely too, missing my husband all the time!

2) Shelby has thus-far had 2 very good days of school. Her teacher reports that there was less yelling from Shelby on the second day from the first which is wonderful. She said that’s all she hopes for, me too!

3) I keep wanting to do one of those “theme” Quick Takes ala Simcha, but I can’t seem to make it work. I went to college for four years to be a writer, you would think this would be easy for me!

4) In the movie Singles, Janet (played by Bridget Fonda) rattles off a list of things that the perfect guy would have before announcing she scaled it back a bit to just “Gesundheit when I sneeze. Although I like bless you better, it sounds nicer.” That scene is in my mind as I coach my boys to say “Bless you” every time someone sneezes.

5) When The Jerk has to title his review of Point Break I am Wearing Pants, I know I’m in trouble. I feel dirty for admitting it, I love his reviews!

6) While we’re on the subject of feeling dirty, I know I’m going to catch h-e-double hockey sticks for this, but there was the 80’s metal band that people say was terrible when their original lead singer left, but they were totally at their best when they were Van Hagar.

7) For those who only follow me for Quick Takes, you might remember that we’ve been asking St Joseph for a miracle here. The miracle was delivered. My husband has a job and started teaching this week. We are thrilled with this turn of events although it means he spends the weekdays in another city and the weekends (when I am working) home. Our whole family hopes to be together full time by Christmas!

So, you know you wanna go by Jen’s and see more quick takes…you KNOW YOU DO!

2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. Happy St. Monica’s Day!

    By the way, do you remember the Nerf Herder song about Van Halen that was an allegory of the struggle of good against evil? Awesome.

    I don’t compare them. I consider them 2 distinct bands. I have to, because for every Right Now there’s Janie’s Crying. For every Poundcake there’s Panama. For every You Really Got Me, there’s….you get the picture.

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