Being Open and Honest, or not so much

A few weeks I read something on this blog. At the time the subtitle was “An Atheist tries RCIA” but I quickly found out that was a complete put on. It was changed to it’s current text the following week which is at least not quite so disingenous.

I’m not offended by atheists. I don’t completely understand them (and I will delete comments from anyone disrespectful of me or my religion) but I don’t find their unbelief to be so completely terrible that I can’t be friends with one or be bothered by the existence of their non-belief system. But this blog was different.

First off, I am not against Catholics dating or marrying non-Catholics. That should be obvious considering my own marriage and my parents’. And that doesn’t just mean marrying Protestants but other religions and agnostics and atheists as well. I cannot understand a person of any belief system being in a relationship with someone who mocks them for it and their system of beliefs. For me, that goes agains the core of a healthy relationship. My husband is not Catholic, but he holds my faith in high regard and that is why our children are being raised Catholic. So, immediately I was turned off when I read “My burden of proof.” I’m not sure what her boyfriend is trying to accomplish here by the relationship because if it’s conversion, it ain’t gonna happen that way. (No one was ever shouted into conversion, remember.) And it appears that the blog’s author is uninterested in conversion to the point of mocking converts and the religious equally.

This blog’s author is extremely intelligent and well versed. She is passionate and can articulate this passion very well. I admire that in her writing. But that’s as far as it goes.

The last line of her “Burden of Proof” is what made me wish I had never stumbled across this blog. “I’m in it to win it.” I’m not in it to learn something or anything to try to understand your point of view or your beliefs, I’m in it to prove I’m right and you’re wrong.

This blog, to me, is a great example of what secularism, humanism does at its core. It destroys our empathy. It makes us self-centered. It encourages our mania and destructive competition. It turns the world into a kill or be-killed arena.

I’m not out there to tell people they are going to hell, but I am going to share my beliefs if asked. And I expect respect, not mocking, in my counterparts. And while this authors’ blog steers very clear of outright mocking of readers of faith, it makes no excuses for mocking the boyfriend in question for  his ridiculous beliefs.