7 Quick Takes Friday

1) Summer is here. Not only is it 80 degrees in the middle of the night, our hotel is full most nights now. And people are suddenly needing extra pillows at 1 am. September hurry up and get here.

2) Later on today, we leave for Emerald Isle. I cannot wait.  Honestly this will be the first big summer highlight!

3) Ummm, I just wandered over to Jen’s site and found out, I am so pleased to tell you that Simcha Fisher has started blogging again! Check  her out!

4) Father’s Day is Sunday. Just a reminder to call your dad,  hug him, take him out for lunch, send a card: you get the point!

5) I am trying, extra special hard, to not take things personally. So imagine my irritation when one of my husband’s friends proceeds to take EVERYTHING personally.  He thinks all jokes are personal attacks and that someone  is always trying get something over on him. I just don’t understand this lunacy, if I wasn’t so annoyed, I’d probably be worried for his health.

6) I am waiting for the day when Will is bigger than Joey and he knows it. Isn’t that terrible? Joey can  be so nasty to his little brother (who is the same size as Joey because Joey is a shrimp) and nothing we do seems to work. No punishment is severe enough to deter this. A swift upper cut from the baby might do the trick though.

7) I love my friend Andrea for so many reasons and last weekend, I thought of another out. She uses the word “stout” to mean more than just beer. She uses it to describe someone’s physical appearance. That’s the Canadian in her!

So, row on over to Conversion Diary and read some more!

2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. A question and a comment: Question- do you own a hotel? That must be interesting! Comment: Canadians rock! I am married to a Canadian! 🙂 Happy Friday!

    • No Sonya, we do not own a hotel, I work in one. I don’t think I could manage, much less own a hotel, it’s pretty intense.

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