7 Quick Takes Friday

 1) So, um, a week later no bread, but hoping to correct that soon….

2) Will’s personality continues to reveal itself, he seems to be a jokester. He loves to laugh and make his brother and sister laugh.

3) I feel like June could not get any busier, seriously, we have plans every single weekend which is so rare for us. This Saturday is Will’s Godsister Jayla’s birthday (and Granny visits). Next Saturday we visit with our Andrea. The following Saturday is our beach trip/Father’s day weekend. And finally, Nan and Poppy will be here the last weekend in June. It’s exhausting typing all that!

4) Joey’s toy cars got put up this week not as punishment but because Daddy got tired of having to pick them up. So, far (we left 5 of them out), he hasn’t seemed to notice. Yeah because it won’t be pretty if he does!

5) I am truly saddened at the passing of Rue McClanahan. She made the vampy character lovable because no matter how um, forward, she was, she had a heart of gold. This happening so close after Betty White hosted SNL (White is now the only Golden Girl left!) makes me really feel nostalgic for our old Saturday night ritual growing up of homemade pizza and tv (we were Golden Girl devotees). Maybe TV Land will have a retrospective!

6) I was thrilled my kids went through 3 cans of mandarin oranges for dinner. I mean, if they aren’t going to eat anything else, at least it is healthy.

7) Still praying for St Joseph to work that miracle for Jeff for a job. And praying for myself that I don’t lose steam or faith during this trying time as fewer and fewer interviews are appearing and jobs are getting scarcer and scarcer for him.

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3 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. I was thinking that about mandrin oranges this week too, but then I really started thinking and they may not be so good, not very much in them, but I don’t want to think too hard about it and ruin a really easy snack that makes me feel like I’m doing something right.

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