7 Quick Takes Friday

1) I cleaned out my closets last weekend. It was not cathartic. It did not make me feel better about myself. It just wore me out.

2) I know I mentioned it in Thankful Thursday, but Jeff’s passing the Praxis II on his first try for Family and Consumer Science is HUGE!!!! We are so excited because it roughly doubles the places he can apply to and because it’s a high school course, the likelihood of him getting a job goes up too!

3) Today I make these peanut butter cups that Ginny at Small Things makes. Hmmmm… my little assistant Chef Joseph is ready to go!

4) St Anthony, please help me find lost paperwork (I know it’s in my house, I just cannot locate the “safe place” I chose for it!).

5) I am steadily, slowly adding to my blogroll and list of favorite blogs. I really have found quite a few new ones of late that I enjoy. I know, this is hardly exciting news, but I am glad to have the chance to share other people’s insights and material!

6) My friend Rebecca had her baby boy late Sunday night! Michael Gabriel was a strapping 8 lbs 8 oz. Rebecca faced many challenges in this pregnancy, physically, spiritually, ethically and emotionally. Yet she persevered and Michael Gabriel is here with us today. We are all so blessed to have him!

7) I am going to price bread machines with Joey and Will later this morning….pray for me that they are in a good mood about it!

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One thought on “7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. The PB cups look delicious!

    Bread machines are awesome. Mine is about to wear out. It needs babysitting these days. It’s been making 4-6 loaves a week for about three years, though. It’s a Cuisinart, if that helps. Stainless look.

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